Diabetes:M Monitor provides everything needed for the effective remote management of multiple patients with all types of diabetes. Whether you need to track therapy adherence, find recurring problems or generate detailed or summarized reports, our platform can provide the tools you need to improve your services significantly.


Remote monitoring for people with diabetes can profoundly impact the management of the condition. With expert help, they can see meaningful improvement even faster. Diabetes:M Monitor offers detailed information about each monitored user, helping you determine the best course for each case individually.


Managing diabetes is hard, especially with no meaningful support from an expert. The Diabetes:M platform allows both users and diabetes educators to work together to achieve the best results possible in day-to-day life with the condition.

Monitor Dashboard

Full user data overview

Get a detailed view of all glucose readings, logbook entries, and other up-to-date information as your patients record it.

  • Convenient searchable patient list
  • Pre-defined filters for quick access to patient groups
  • Overview of the patient’s latest data directly on the dashboard
  • Quick access to detailed information
Monitor Statistics

Statistical powerhouse

All user data logged in Diabetes:M is analyzed and presented in easy-to-read graphs, charts, and tables.

  • Get an in-depth analysis of the patient’s history
  • Over 30 different views of the logged readings and events
  • Pre-defined and custom time ranges on all available graphs and charts
Monitor Logbook

Pattern recognition

Diabetes:M Monitor’s state-of-the-art pattern recognition features analyze data for the last 14 days and look for predefined recurring problems along with the possible reasons for their occurrence.

  • Find the root of persistent behavioral and therapy adherence issues
  • Significantly improve the patient’s understanding of the effects of their daily routine on their overall condition.
  • Increased understanding of insulin dosing, correction effects, glycaemic variability
Monitor Reports

Report generation

Generate detailed or summarized reports for the user using predefined or custom settings.

  • Choose from multiple pre-defined report templates
  • Create a custom report based on the information you need
  • Select a pre-defined or custom time range for each report
  • Generate reports in a format of your convenience
In-app Listing

In-app listing

Available for paid plans

With over 1 million downloads on Google Play and App Store, Diabetes:M is one of the top diabetes management apps in the world.

The in-app listing feature provides new connection opportunities between users of the app and professionals from all over the world.

Staff management and Audit log

Available for paid plans

Hospital administrators can add new members to the account and give them rights to view and manage patient information.

  • Add or remove team members in the account
  • Assign usage rights from one of four tiers of access
  • Detailed record of every user action in the system

That’s great, but how does it actually work?

Use cases

Diabetes use case for clinicians - monitor your patients remotely with Diabetes:M Monitor

Diabetes Clinicians

The platform lets you remotely monitor your patients’ therapy adherence, overall condition and detailed information when you need it.
Diabetes Nurses

Diabetes Nurses

The Diabetes:M Monitor platform presents many opportunities to monitor patients remotely, allowing you to save precious time.
Diabetes Educators

Diabetes Educators

Diabetes:M Monitor is an amazing platform with numerous features that takes monitoring clients remotely to a new level.

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Important Safety Information & Disclaimer

The information and statistical data provided by Diabetes:M application is only to help you to track how the diabetes treatment affects your overall condition. All decisions about your diabetes therapy must be taken after consulting with your diabetes specialist.

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