Diabetes and its Effect on EVERY System in the Body

Learn more about diabetes’ impact on the body

See the real effect of the chronic condition on different organs and bodily functions presented visually and straightforwardly. Find out what are the possible health risks and common complications, as well as useful preventive information, and medical tips associated with all types of diabetes.

We answer the most common questions about the relationship between diabetes and the human body

Why do half of the people with diabetes have nerve damage?

What leads to it and tips to prevent it.

Oral health: Can diabetes cause gum infection?

It sure can!

Muscular system: How does diabetes cause weight loss?

Read the reasons behind it and preventative measures to take.

Does diabetes affect your reproductive health?

It does. Find out what preventative measures you need to take.

Unlock all the insights about the direct correlation between diabetes and all the organ systems in the human body

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