Food Factsheet

for People with Diabetes

Glycemic Index, Glycemic Load, and other facts about foods

Are you having trouble constantly planning your meals as a person with diabetes? Learn what to eat for steady blood sugar levels and educate yourself about the importance of portion sizes.

We answer your most common questions about the relationship between diabetes and food

Are there foods with 0 Glycemic index?

Yes, we listed a lot of them!

Are carrots good for diabetes?

Yes, they are!

Which kind of oats is the best for diabetics?

Can you guess?

Snacks for T1D & T2D

We found a lot of options!

Unlock all the insights you need to elevate your meal prepping

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Important Safety Information & Disclaimer

The information and statistical data provided by Diabetes:M application is only to help you to track how the diabetes treatment affects your overall condition. All decisions about your diabetes therapy must be taken after consulting with your diabetes specialist.

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